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Compete in our annual Dance and Musical Theatre Competitions – from Beginner to Advanced Competitors  


Coming soon – in 2022 !

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Do you want to join our next Summer School or workshop ? Are you a teacher and want to take your school to compete in our fun & friendly competition ? Drop us an email for more information!

A Word from Anthony, Our DCA Patron.

Dance Compete Achieve is a fantastic platform that provides young performers a chance to share their talents on stage in a controlled and friendly environment.  Performers gain valuable feedback to help develop their skills and artistry, celebrate their peers and make friends with others outside of their own studio.  I have been thoroughly impressed and dazzled by the talent that I have had the pleasure of adjudicating.  The varying skills and talents of the young people is inspiring and a joy to be involved in.  The event is impeccably managed and is a positive and productive environment for young artists.  Seeing the children and young people do what they love and learn from each other while doing it is the real prize.  The trophies, medals and special judges awards are the cherries on the top! 

Anthony Whiteman